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Steve is a serving police officer with Devon and Cornwall Police with nearly 25 years of policing experience in various roles. With a background in technology and social media, he joined the South West Grid for Learning and the UK Safer Internet Centre 4 years ago on secondment as their Digital Engagement Officer and Law Enforcement Link.

Steve’s primary role is now to support two national helplines and a school alerting system that helps both professionals and victims who have online safety problems, liaising and assisting law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally.
In addition to his primary function Steve also supports the delivery of the UK Safer Internet Centres outreach program. He delivers training and awareness sessions to Professionals, Schools, Parents and Children and Young People around all aspects of online safety and technology.
He has developed and delivers a Police Specific Training course on online safety and technology to officers which have been used by forces including initial recruit training, investigators courses, special constabulary, command and control staff and others within the policing family.
Steve also holds the portfolio for the UK Safer Internet Centre around Online Extremism and Radicalisation. He has delivered awareness session both nationally to various groups and government departments including the Home Office as well as internationally at conferences.
Outside of his day role Steve is involved with a company called Inspiring Joe. Created to empower and educate people and companies to use the internet to its full potential safely and productively.’

Who we are…

We are an association of individuals who specialise in the complex and evolving area of online safety. We are passionate about working with schools and other organisations to deliver impactful online safety education and support to children, young people, professionals and adults of all ages. We combine our knowledge, experience and skillsets working to a specific set of values and a code of conduct which ensures that the child is at the centre of everything we do to help keep children safer online.

Our primary purpose is to ensure the delivery of high quality education, advice and support to all schools around online safety – keeping children safer online.