Website: Online Safety UK

My name is Lee Haywood, born in 1989 I am classed as one of the “Millennials”.

I’ve spent 10 years in front line policing for the Hampshire Constabulary, ending in 2020, specialising in many areas, importantly I spent the final three years of my career specialising in Safeguarding Vulnerable Children as well as working together with CEOP and Local Authorities to identify potentially high risk vulnerable families, high risk potentially sexually exploited children and identifying ways to engage, encourage and educate them to a better / safer path.

I also presented in 100’s of schools within Hampshire, educating Online Safety to children, parents and staff until this was no longer possible in a Policing capacity.

I am a CEOP Ambassador and I have a Degree In Law (Portsmouth University 2013).

Because of the above I have developed an expertise and importantly an extreme passion in Identifying Vulnerability, Safeguarding Children & Families within the “Online Safety” umbrella which is very broad as a term and I am now the Director and Founder of Online Safety UK Ltd.

Online Safety UK’s main aim is to provide schools and social care environments child centred, personal, interactive and memorable education and techniques in a wide range of topics, so those who experience our education and talks can walk away confident, not scared, to make positive change to their digital life.

Who We Are

We are an association of individuals who specialise in the complex and evolving area of online safety. We are passionate about working with schools and other organisations to deliver impactful online safety education and support to children, young people, professionals and adults of all ages. We combine our knowledge, experience and skillsets working to a specific set of values and a code of conduct which ensures that the child is at the centre of everything we do to help keep children safer online.

Our primary purpose is to ensure the delivery of high quality education, advice and support to all schools around online safety – keeping children safer online.